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Gelato Flavors: Strawberries & Cream, Hazelnut, Cappuccino, Caramel, Chocolate, Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla

Sorbetto Flavors (Similar in texture to our gelato and dairy free!): Raspberry, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Coconut (not dairy free)

Available by the scoop or try one of our specialty sundaes!

Gelato al Vanilla e Carmello: Vanilla and Caramel gelato... topped with homemade whipped cream and finished with roasted pecans.

Gelato e Biscotti: Hazelnut or cappuccino gelato layered with our homemade crumbled biscotti cookies.. finished with homemade whipped cream.

Gelato Panna Fragola: Strawberries and cream gelato layered with fresh sliced strawberries... topped with homemade whipped cream and strawberry sauce... garnished with a hazelnut wafer stick. 

Other Desserts



NY Style Cheesecake

Tartufo (Chocolate or Lemon)

Ice Cream Sundae (ChocolateVanilla, Strawberry)

Banana Cream Pie: Made to order! A graham cracker crust, layered with vanilla custard and fresh bananas. Topped with homemade whipped and chocolate shavings. 

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